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5.8. Cursors

There are quite a number of different mouse cursors available. Their names and graphics are shown here. The exact graphic may vary according to your operating system.

Table 4. Values of the cursor option

arrow man
based_arrow_down middlebutton
based_arrow_up mouse
boat pencil
bogosity pirate
bottom_left_corner plus
bottom_right_corner question_arrow
bottom_side right_ptr
bottom_tee right_side
box_spiral right_tee
center_ptr rightbutton
circle rtl_logo
clock sailboat
coffee_mug sb_down_arrow
cross sb_h_double_arrow
cross_reverse sb_left_arrow
crosshair sb_right_arrow
diamond_cross sb_up_arrow
dot sb_v_double_arrow
dotbox shuttle
double_arrow sizing
draft_large spider
draft_small spraycan
draped_box star
exchange target
fleur tcross
gobbler top_left_arrow
gumby top_left_corner
hand1 top_right_corner
hand2 top_side
heart top_tee
icon trek
iron_cross ul_angle
left_ptr umbrella
left_side ur_angle
left_tee watch
leftbutton xterm
ll_angle X_cursor